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Kenwood KR-11000GX

2 Mar

Kenwood KR-11000GX Receiver

Kenwood KR-11000GX Receiver  Photo:Starsky on eBay


Kenwood KR-11000GX

This is the European version of the more well known KR-11000G and the Model Eleven G.  The major differences being that these often featured switchable 110v, 220v transformers and the black faceplate.  The KR-11000GX was a popular purchase for military personnel on overseas bases in Europe.

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JBL L100 Century Speakers

18 Feb

JBL L100 Century Vintage Speakers

Photo Credit: Starsky on eBay

JBL L100 Century Speakers

Irv Stern came up with the felicitous name of "The Century" to go with its L100 sales number. After its introduction at the 1970 summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, the L100 went on to become not only JBL's most successful product up to that time but, from all indications, the best-selling loudspeaker system of the decade.



5 Stunning Audio Listening Rooms

26 Oct

Vintage Audio Listening Room


We usually focus on vintage audio equipment but today we thought we'd take step back and show some stunning audio listening setups.  From living rooms, to studio setups, these folks have gone the  whole 9 yards to create simply amazing spaces conducive to  superlative audio experience.


Marantz 2275 Receiver with Marantz 6300 Turntable

11 Oct

Marantz Vintage Audio

Marantz 2275 Receiver with Marantz 6300 Turntable  (Mid-1970's).

A pairing of some equipment from the higher end of the Marantz lineup from the mid to late 70's.  The Marantz 2275 receiver pairs nicely with the Marantz 6300 direct drive turntable.  Both receiver and turntable feature real walnut veneer and a brushed aluminum sleek silver look.

Some argue that this time was the epitomy of Vintage Audio, and when Marantz was producing it's best equipment.   Although no longer produced in the USA, that stopped with the Marantz 19, the build quality of both these pieces is exemplary.

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