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Sony STR-6060F Receiver

8 Aug

Sony STR-6060F For Sale

Sony STR-6060F Receiver (1967-1971)

Sony high-end 1960s receiver, part of the original Sony ES series.  There are two versions : STR-6060F and STR-6060F, the latter being the most common.

This model precedes the more famous, and plentiful Sony 70xx series (7045, 7055, 7065, etc), which is reflected it it's no expense spared build quality.

This receiver is for sale.  Price:  $325  Contact us for more information.


Pioneer PL-115D Semi-Automatic Turntable

22 Jul

Pioneer PL-115D Semi-Automatic Turntable
Pioneer PL-115D Semi-Automatic Turntable

The PL-115D is a precision turntable solution for the audiophile who seeks key automatic functions along with outstanding tonal quality from record reproduction.

The PL-115D is durable, quiet and crafted with typically long life Pioneer workmanship.

Features include a speed detecting auto-return mechanism that returns it's tonearm to rest smoothly even with a warped record, a sensitive S-shaped pipe arm with anti-skating device, and a howling free floating cabinet constructed free of resonance.


Pioneer SX-1980 Receiver

20 Jul

Pioneer SX-1980 Monster Receiver

Image Credits: LotLoggin on eBay

Pioneer's biggest, most powerful receiver from the height of the receiver power wars.  The Pioneer SX-1980 receiver packs some impressive specs.  For the era, the most important one was 270 watts per channel into 8 ohms.  Will all that power comes an immense weight as well- more than 70 lbs!


Marantz 2285B Receiver for Sale

28 Jun

Vintage Marantz 2285B Receiver for sale

Marantz 2285B Receiver for Sale

This wonderful Marantz 2285B is for sale.  Price $400, contact us for details.



Power output: 85 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 60kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.08%

Damping factor: 60

Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM), 180mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB (MM), 88dB (line)

Output: 775mV (line), 1.5V (Pre out)

Semiconductors: 4 x IC, 86 x transistors, 60 x diodes, 4 x FET

Dimensions: 440 x 137 x 365mm

Weight: 17kg