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Acoustic Research AR-XA Turntable

2 Apr



Marantz 6100 Turntable

10 Feb


The Marantz model 6100 features an AC synchronous motor belt drive system, a precision tone arm with anti-skating adjustment, hydraulically damped cueing, and low capacity cables suitable for use with CD4.

The rubber mat on the platter is impregnated with anti-static compounds to prevent static electricity build up that can cause dirt particles to be attracted to the record surfaces.


Technics SP-25 Turntable with Audio Technica ATP-12T Tonearm

23 Jan

Technics SP-25 Turntable with Audio Technica ATP-12T Tonearm

The SP-25 turntable offers a similar standard of excellence as the SP-10mkII professional units.

Features include total quartz locked pitch control within a 6% range from rated speeds, full cycle detection FG, extremely high torque, a large turntable platter with high moment of inertia, electronic braking system, integral rotor/platter motor construction and highly effective chassis damping.

The Audio Technica ATP-12T is similar (if not identical) to the AT-1503 mkI/II professional pick-up arms.


Sansui SR-212 Turntable

22 Jan


Sansui SR-212 Turntable

Audiophiles have a winner in the new Sansui SR-212 automatic-return turntable, for not only is it made of carefully chosen precision components but it has been designed with particular emphasis on ease of operation, reliability and tonal quality.

Among a multitude of features are a stable synchronous motor, full sized aluminium alloy die-cast platter, elaborate, statically balanced S-shaped tubular tonearm with skating force canceller, quality IM cartridge, gold plated connector terminal pins, multiple suspension/insulation system to eliminate howling, and much more.

Additionally there is a manual tonearm lifter that lets you lift or lower the tonearm at any desired point over the record, independently of the automatic mechanism.

On what other medium priced turntable will you find all of these features? None, as far as we know.

Sansui scores again with the SR-212 with consumer oriented quality, price and convenience.