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Sony DTC-87ES DAT Tape Player

29 Apr


Sony DTC-87ES DAT Tape Player - for sale $699  Contact Us for Details.




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Sony STR-6060F Receiver

8 Aug

Sony STR-6060F For Sale

Sony STR-6060F Receiver (1967-1971)

Sony high-end 1960s receiver, part of the original Sony ES series.  There are two versions : STR-6060F and STR-6060F, the latter being the most common.

This model precedes the more famous, and plentiful Sony 70xx series (7045, 7055, 7065, etc), which is reflected it it's no expense spared build quality.

This receiver is for sale.  Price:  $325  Contact us for more information.


Sony PS-X75 Biotracer Turntable

3 Apr

Sony PS-X75 Turntable

Sony PS-X75 Turntable

One ultimate Sony turntables to be produced, the PS-X75 debuted at the 1979 Tokyo Audio Fair.  It features a J-shaped Biotracer tonearm which is fully automated.


Sony HP-610 All in One Receiver and Turntable

16 Oct

Sony HP-610 Receiver and Turntable

Sony HP-610 All in One Receiver and Turntable

Many that know vintage audio will say (and rightly so) to steer well clear of all-in-one units.  Particularly those by SoundDesign and similiar ilk.  But every rule has its exceptions. and this Sony HP-610 is one of them.  Instead of the usual all-on-one cheap components, and flimsy build quality, the Sony combines a quality components and a very well built cabinet.

The receiver is a nice, Sony built, silver faced unit that produces about 30 watts per channel.   The turntable is a very well regarded German made Dual 1210.  The pair is housed in a heavy duty, wooden cabinet that skips the usual vinyl veneer for real wood.