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Marantz 2275 Receiver with Marantz 6300 Turntable

11 Oct

Marantz Vintage Audio

Marantz 2275 Receiver with Marantz 6300 Turntable  (Mid-1970's).

A pairing of some equipment from the higher end of the Marantz lineup from the mid to late 70's.  The Marantz 2275 receiver pairs nicely with the Marantz 6300 direct drive turntable.  Both receiver and turntable feature real walnut veneer and a brushed aluminum sleek silver look.

Some argue that this time was the epitomy of Vintage Audio, and when Marantz was producing it's best equipment.   Although no longer produced in the USA, that stopped with the Marantz 19, the build quality of both these pieces is exemplary.

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Marantz 2215 Receiver

12 Aug

Marantz 2215 Vintage Receiver

Marantz 2215 Receiver (1971-975, 249.95 USD MSRP)

The Marantz 2215 is a high quality relatively low power stereo receiver that came out in 1971. It actually pre-dates the famous Marantz 2230 by a year (the 2230 came out in 1972) and was only manufactured over a three year period, from 1971 to 1973.

The Marantz 2215 is rated at only 15 watts/channel, making it competitive with the Sherwood S-7100A, another excellent low power receiver of the same era. Power bandwidth is said to be 15hz to 50khz, and harmonic and IM distortion are rated at under .9%. Tuner sensitivity is rated at 3.0 uV, with 40db of stereo separation and total harmonic distortion of .4% with a strong stereo signal.


Kenwood KR-9400 Receiver

30 Jul


Kenwood KR-9400 Receiver


Kenwood KR-9400 Receiver (1975)

The KR-9400 is one of the most powerful vintage stereo receivers from Kenwood.  It delivers a minimum of 120 watts of continuous power per channel into 8 ohm speakers, both channels driven, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with no more than 0.1% total harmonic distortion.

The KR-9400 provides extremely high FM stereo separation throughout the audio spectrum, thanks to a newly developed phase lock loop IC circuit incorporated in the stereo FM decoder section, achieving more than 45dB separation at 1 kHz; better than 35dB at all frequencies from 30Hz to 10kHz.

A cool-running power transformer and massive heat sinks form the heart of a dual positive-negative power supply to the high-output transistor stages. This no-compromise design assures safe, cool operation even under continuous full-power output.

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Marantz 2215B Receiver

12 Apr

Marantz 2215B Receiver


Marantz 2215B Receiver (1973-1977, MSRP 250 USD)

The Marantz 2215B has a relatively modest 15 watts per channel, and certainly isn't as big and powerful as some of it's bigger, but similiar, Marantz receiver brethren, but it still has that wonderful Marantz sound.  The five main control knobs have a wonderful sense of symmetry on the classic brushed silver Marantz faceplate.  Also present is the classic Marantz blue dial.

The 2215B can be paired with a WC-116 or WC-15T wood cabinet.

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