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Marantz 2285B Receiver for Sale

28 Jun

Vintage Marantz 2285B Receiver for sale

Marantz 2285B Receiver for Sale

This wonderful Marantz 2285B is for sale.  Price $400, contact us for details.



Power output: 85 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 60kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.08%

Damping factor: 60

Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM), 180mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB (MM), 88dB (line)

Output: 775mV (line), 1.5V (Pre out)

Semiconductors: 4 x IC, 86 x transistors, 60 x diodes, 4 x FET

Dimensions: 440 x 137 x 365mm

Weight: 17kg



Sansui Seven Receiver

5 Sep

Sansui Seven Vintage Receiver

Sansui Seven Receiver  (1975)

This Sansui Seven receiver is part of Sansui's 'single digit' series of receivers which also included the Sansui Six, Eight and Eight Deluxe receivers.   This receiver puts out 41 watts per channel at 8 ohms with both sides driven.  There are two phono inputs, bass, treble and midrange controls and that signature Sansui sound.


Pioneer SX-838 Receiver

4 Sep

Pioneer SX-838 Vintage Receiver

 Pioneer SX-838 Receiver (1974)

This Pioneer SX-838 receiver was third from the top of the line, behind only the SX-939 and the TOTL SX-1010.  It's conservatively rated at 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Its FM tuner offers high sensitivity and excellent rejection characteristics thanks to its front end equipped with a frequency-linear 4-gang variable capacitor and two MOS FETs.

In terms of power, the unit produces 50W + 50W of continuous RMS power (both channels driven at 8 ohms) with total harmonic distortion of less than 0.3% - remember that this figure is measured and guaranteed over the entire spectrum from 20 to 20,000Hz.

The SX-838 is distinguished from all other receivers in its price range by offering switched-turnover flexibility in its tone control operation, permitting the creation of a variety of tonal characteristics to match your room's acoustics or your mood.


Pioneer SX-650 Receiver

21 Aug


Pioneer SX-650 Receiver

Pioneer SX-650 Receiver

One of the classic mid-range receivers offered by Pioneer in the mid 70's .  The Pioneer SX-650 had classic silver face styling of Pioneer's 50 series which, when coupled with the wood case, makes for an exceptionally clean and stylish looking receiver.

The SX-650 was produced from 1976-1977 and sold for around $300.00.  The SX-650 puts out 35 watts per channel in to 8 ohms and was designed and marketed for those with an average sized listening room and who wanted good value for their money. The 650 didn't have to many frills but what it did it did well.