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Sherwood S-7225B Receiver

27 Dec

Sherwood 7225B Receiver

Sherwood S-7225B Receiver (~1974)

Very little information is available about this Sherwood receiver.  Visually, quite similar to the Sherwood S-7100 receiver, however the S-7225B adds support for a quad adaptor.  On a less positive note, it drops the real wood veneer of the S-7100 and wood side panels for wood simulated vinyl covering.  The solid aluminum machined knobs do stay though.

Approx 20-25 watts per channel.


Weight: Approx. 8.5kg

Measurements: 44 x 14,5 x 32,5cm

Color: Silver / Wood


Pioneer SX-828 Receiver

9 Dec


Pioneer SX-828 Receiver for sale

Pioneer SX-828 Receiver

(1972 - $469.95 MSRP)

Introduced in 1972 and offered until 1973, the Pioneer SX-828 was a higher power version of the SX-727.  The Pioneer SX-828 has 60 watts per channel, RMS.  There are six toggle switches to control certain functions, instead of the push buttons used on the SX-727.

The SX-828 was Pioneer's top of the line receiver in 1972 and 1973. Pioneer used real walnut veneers and solid walnut trim. List price for the SX-828 in 1972 was $429.95, but jumped to $469.95 in '73. The hefty construction of this receiver with extensive use of steel in its chassis resulted in a shipping weight of 32 pounds.


Sherwood S-7100 Receiver

5 Nov

Sherwood S7100 Receiver

Sherwood S7100 Receiver (1971)

Beautiful vintage silver face receiver.  Approx. 20 watts per channel.  Very nice build quality, with real wood veneer case and thick bushed aluminum faceplate.

Pioneer SX-939 Receiver

26 Jun

Pioneer SX-939 Receiver

Pioneer SX-939
The SX-939 was introduced in 1974 - 1975. Rated at 70 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. Features, two bass and two treble controls, tone off/on, two tape in/outputs, tape duplicator switch, Dolby NR adaptor on/off, two head phone outputs, low and high filters, right and left mic inputs. FM muting and other features.

More pictures and specifications after the break.