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Mcintosh MC-2255 Power Amplifier

22 Jul

Mcintosh MC-2255 Power Amplifier

Image Credits: LotLoggin on eBay

Mcintosh MC-2255 Power Amplifier

The MC-2255 was McIntosh’s flagship power amplifier released in 1981 with a production run until 1986 and a selling price of $2,995.00. Its ample power, stunning good looks, and amazing sonic portrayal make it a long-standing favorite of audiophiles worldwide.

Stereo: 250 watts minimum sine wave continuous average power output, per channel, both channels operating into 1 ohm, 2 ohms, 4 ohms, or 8 ohms load impedance

Mono: 500 watts minimum sine wave continuous average power output into 0.5 ohm, 1 ohm, 2 ohms, 4 ohms, 8 ohms, or 16 ohms load impedance


Mcintosh MC-240 Stereo Tube Amplifier

4 Oct

Mcintosh MC-240 Tube Amplifier

Image Credit: LotLogginon eBay


Mcintosh MC-240 Stereo Tube Amplifier (1960-1969 MSRP 288 USD)

The Mcintosh MC240 is a 40 watts per channel tube amplifier first produced by Mcintosh Labs in 1960.  It uses 4 6l6GC tubes to achieve it's rated output, and a mix of 12ax7, 12au7 and 12bh7 tubes in the signal path.   The MC240 has a unique place in audio history, it was used by Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys to master Pet Sounds in 1966, one of the most famous albums in rock & roll history.


ELECTRICAL: 40w/ch stereo, 80w mono. Response 16-40kHz (+0 -0.1dB). Distortion 0.5%. Noise & hum -90dB. Output impedance 4, 8, 16, 125 and 600 ohms. 600 ohm center tap internally grounded. (2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 ohms in mono). Output voltages 25 (isolated), 70.7 (one side grounded) and 140V (center tap grounded). Internal impedance less than 10% of rated impedance. Input impedance 250k. Input sensitivity: 0.5V (in mono or twin amp). 2.0V in stereo.

MECHANICAL: Chrome chassis. Line output octal socket for higher impedances and voltages. Barrier strips for 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Audio inputs: stereo, twin and mono. Gain controls: twin amp, balance and mono. Input switch: stereo, twin amp or mono. Can be used for 80w mono. Line voltage switch: 117 or 125V.

TUBES: 4-6L6GC/7027A output, 3-12AX7, 2-12AU7, 2-12BH7 Solid state rectifier.

Size 8"H, 10-3/4"W and 17-1/4"D. Weight 56 lb. Sold from 1960-1969.



Mcintosh MC-275 Tube Amplifier

26 Sep

Mcintosh Tube Amplifier

Image Credit: Starsky on eBay


Mcintosh MC-275 Tube Amplifier (1961, MSRP 444 USD)

McIntosh’s MC275 may be the most famous tube amplifier in the history of high fidelity. Designed and engineered by the company’s co-founder Sidney Corderman and the McIntosh engineering team, the MC275 (2 x 75 watts per channel) was the most powerful McIntosh stereo amplifier in its day. Some say it was the Harley-Davidson of American amps, and with the big chromed chassis and exposed Gold Lion KT88 power tubes, the MC275 certainly looked the part. The retail price was $444 when the amp was introduced in 1961, and the mono version, the MC75, debuted the same year.  The original Mcintosh MC-275 was produced by McIntosh from May, 1961 through July 1973.

  • Tube Complement:
    Voltage Amplifier - One 12AX7 (drives both amps)
    Phase Inverter - Two 12AU7
    Drive Amplifier - Two 12BH7
    Cathode Follower Drive - Two 12AT7 or 12AZ7
    Output - Four KT88 or 6550


Mcintosh C24 Preamplifier

31 Aug

Mcintosh C24 Preamplifier

Mcintosh C24 Preamplifier (1964-1970, 249.95 USD MSRP )


10D01 - 54D30  5,148 Units Produced