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Fisher 400 Tube Receiver Wood Cabinet

1 Oct

Fisher 400 Wood Cabinet

Fisher 400 Tube Receiver Wood Cabinet

This is the matching walnut veneered cabinet, sold as an optional extra with the Fisher 400 tube receiver.  This example is a genuine Fisher cabinet, but after-market items were also made by third parties for this popular vacuum tube receiver.


Fisher 400 Tube Receiver

6 Sep

Fisher 400 Receiver
[Image Credit:  eBay Seller 'Starsky'. Visit Starsky's eBay Store to see his current vintage audio auctions]

Fisher 400 Tube Receiver (1964, $370 USD MSRP)

The 400 closely resembles the Fisher 500 and 800 series receivers, with a brushed metal faceplate and brass-faced knobs. Left of the dial is the famous Fisher bird logo, with a musical note in its beak.

Music Power	 65 watts total (IHFM, at 1kc and 0.5% THD)
RMS Power	 (at 1 kc and 0.8% THD)One channel driven: 30 watts
Both channels driven: 50 watts
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Fisher X-1000 Integrated Tube Amplifier

14 Feb

Fisher X-1000 Integrated Tube Amplifier

Fisher X-1000 Integrated Tube Amplifier (1961, $329.50 USD MSRP)

The Fisher X-1000 is the highest- powered and most elaborate in a new line of Fisher integrated stereo control amplifiers. It provides a multitude of operating features and controls (for stereo and mono) as well as two power output channels of 55 watts each, with an optional "centre channel" output without the need for an additional power amplifier. The unit is very well built and, despite its many facilities and high power, is relatively compact and handsomely designed. In tests conducted at United States Testing Company, Inc., it met its specifications in all important respects and, in fact, proved to be an outstanding performer in its class.

Dimensions are 16 15/16 in. wide by 5 13/16 in. high by 13¾ in. deep (exclusive of knobs). Weight is 44 pounds.At full rated power output (55 watts per channel), the frequency response of the amplifier was measured as flat within 2 db from 24 cps to 20 kc.

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Fisher Series 90 FM-90 Tube Tuner

14 Jul

Fisher Series 90 FM Tube Tuner

Fisher Series 90, MODEL FM-90 Fm Tube Tuner