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Dynaco / Dynakit Stereo 70 Tube Amplifier

17 Dec


Dynaco / Dynakit Stereo 70 Tube Amplifier


Dynaco / Dynakit Mark IV Tube Amplifiers

10 Jun

Dynaco MKIV / 4 Tube Amplifier for sale

Dynaco Mark IV Tube Amplifiers

This is a nice pair of Dynaco / Dynakit MKIV amplifiers.  They have been carefully restored, with the following work:

- New caps and resistors throughout.  One amplifier has its original can-cap, which measure within spec.
- New 3 prong power cords
- New tubes throughout.

They perform great, and with the work done, will perform well for many years to come.  Check out the video after the break too.

This pair is for sale.  Contact us to order.  Price:  $800


Dynaco PAT-5 Stereo Preamplifier

10 Jun

Dynaco Pat-5 Preamplifier

Dynaco PAT-5 Stereo Preamplifier (1974 MSRP  $239 Kit, $399 Built)

Dyna's replacement for the venerable PAT-4, adding such niceties as a high-power switchable outlet, speaker selector and terminals, dual tape monitors, an external "processor loop" intended for EQs or other signal modifiers, and an op-amp high-level stage. The BI-FET term is a trademark of National Semiconductor for the JFET LF357H IC used in the PAT-5 BI-FET version. This replaced the NS LM301 opamp in the PAT-5 preamp in 1977, opening the door for numerous audiophile mods including the highly acclaimed Frank Van Alstine and Walt Jung upgrades.


Semiconductor complement: 13 transistors; 2 integrated circuits; 3 zener diodes; 4 diodes.

Dimensions: 13-1/2" x 4-1/4" by 11-3/4".

Power Consumption: 12 watts, 120V or 240V, 50/60 Hz AC.

Shipping Weight: 13 lbs. (5.9 kilos)

Designed by:

Wade Burns



Dynaco / Dyna-Kit PAS 3X Tube Preamplifier

18 Feb

 Dynaco / Dyna-Kit PAS 3X Tube Preamplifier

Designed by Ed Laurent and introduced by Dynaco in 1966, the PAS series of stereo amplifiers are renowned by audio enthusiasts the world over.

As with many Dyanco products, the preamplifier was sold under the Dyna-Kit name for $69.95 as a build it yourself kit.  There was also an option to buy it fully assembled for $89.95.

Check the back panel of your PAS preamplifier - if the speaker binding posts and RCA jacks are attached with screws, then it was originally built as a kit.  If there are rivets, you have a factory wired unit.

During the PAS production years, Dynaco sold over 100,000 PAS-2, PAS-3 and PAS-3X preamplifiers.

The difference between the PAS-2 and PAS-3 preamplifier is the PAS-2 has a flat brass faceplate with plastic knobs, and the PAS-3 has a silver anodized faceplate with metal knobs, otherwise both preamps are the same.

The PAS-3X preamp has a revised tone control circuit which takes the tone controls out of circuit when set to the flat position.

More specs and pictures after the break.