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Pioneer SA-9100 Integrated Amplifier

23 Jan


The SA-9100 is Pioneer's finest professional stereo integrated amplifier.

It features an all stage direct coupled pure complementary OCL circuit, resulting in a super wide bandwidth and distortion free power, a unique 3 stage direct coupled equaliser, twin stepped tone controls for making critical bass and treble adjustments and level set volume and loudness contour controls to adjust listening preference.

Other features include 2-way tape duplicating and monitoring, 2 position high and low filters and 3 pairs of speaker output terminals.


Sansui AU-717 Integrated Amplifier *FOR SALE*

6 Jun

Sansui AU-717 Integrated Amplifier

Sansui AU-717 Integrated Amplifier *FOR SALE*

$400 plus shipping costs.

Very clean example.

Has been fully checked out. The corrosive glue used on the circuit boards of these amps has been cleaned off. Power supply has been recapped. I can show you all of the old caps that were replaced. Unit still has all of its original output transistors.


Sansui Au-D607F Extra (1980)

21 May

Sansui AU-D607F Integrated Amplifier

Sansui Au-D607F Extra  (1980)

Introduced in 1980, this Sansui integrated amplifier uses Sansui's super feed-forward system newly developed as a technology of transcending the threshold of NFB.


Sansu AU-919 Integrated Amplifier

9 Oct

Sansui Integrated Amplifier

Sansu AU-919 Integrated Amplifier

Sansui Integrated Straight DC Stereo Amplifier with Exclusive DD/DC Power/Phono Amps and MC Amp.

Sansui engineers have perfected the Straight DC circuitry of the AU-919 Integrated Stereo Amplifier right down to the very last superlative.

Fastest rise time, highest slew rate, lowest TIM or Transient Intermodulation Distortion are not the least on the list.