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Quad 303 Amplifier – 33 Preamplifier – FM3 Tuner

23 Oct


Available for sale for $850.   Include all 3 pieces and all cables required to connect.  Contact us for more details.


Audio Research M300 Mono Block Amplifiers

17 Sep


Audio Research M300 Mono Block Amplifiers Price: $4000/Pair Contact us for more details.


Fisher 500C Tube Receiver with Wood Case

19 Aug




This Fisher 500C is in excellent, restored condition.  The FM section pulls in radio stations crisp & clear.  Stereo beacon light works, as does the dial light.

You can use the Auxiliary input to play sound from a CD player, phone, computer or any other external source.

Price:  $1000


Audio Research SP14 Preamplifier

7 May



Audio Research SP14 Preamplifier for sale:  $2500