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Altec 605A Duplex Speakers & N-1600-C Crossovers for sale.

12 Oct

Altec 605A Duplex Speaker for Sale


Altec 605A Duplex Speakers & N-1600-C Crossovers for sale.

Price:  $1300 + ship.

2 x Altec 605A Speakers
2 x Altec N-1600-C  Dividing Networks
1 x Altec Badge


Altec 605A

Cones are in excellent condition.  Both cones are original, with correct codes.  They have only just been removed from their cabinets for the first time since installation.  (Cabinets available free for local pickup)  Please note, as with all doped surround Altec speakers, the doping material has traveled a bit from top and pooled at the bottom.

Both woofers test very closely matched: 11.2 Ohm & 11.6 Ohm
Both HF diaphragms are also very close:  8.5 Ohm & 8.6 Ohm

Altec N-1600-C

- Pots move freely.
- Excellent cosmetic condition.


H.H. Scott Model 280 Amplifier

12 Oct

H.H. Scott Model 280


H.H Scott Model 280 Laboratory Amplifier  (1958)

This amplifier is for sale:   $1000 + shipping

11 Tubes: (12AX7 x 3)  (EL34 x 4) 6BX7 6AL5 (5U4 x 2)

Dimensions (WHD) 18 x 6.5 x 13 inch
Scott Amplifier Model 280. 80 watts power output, 12-60000Hz, 0,5% THD
45 lb 0 oz (45 lb) / 20.430 kg

This amplifier is for sale:   $1000 + shipping


Harmon Kardon / Rabco ST-7 Turntable

14 Aug

Harmon Kardon ST-7 Turntable

Harman Kardon ST-7 Turntable

An impressive linear tracking turntable born out of a collaboration between Rabco and Harman Kardon.   The ST-7 was built in Rabco's factory, to a design simplified and (some would say) improved by Harman's engineeers.



Sony STR-6060F Receiver

8 Aug

Sony STR-6060F For Sale

Sony STR-6060F Receiver (1967-1971)

Sony high-end 1960s receiver, part of the original Sony ES series.  There are two versions : STR-6060F and STR-6060F, the latter being the most common.

This model precedes the more famous, and plentiful Sony 70xx series (7045, 7055, 7065, etc), which is reflected it it's no expense spared build quality.

This receiver is for sale.  Price:  $325  Contact us for more information.