Philips 9762 M Full Range Drivers in Speaker Cabinets

12 Feb



Marantz 6100 Turntable

10 Feb


The Marantz model 6100 features an AC synchronous motor belt drive system, a precision tone arm with anti-skating adjustment, hydraulically damped cueing, and low capacity cables suitable for use with CD4.

The rubber mat on the platter is impregnated with anti-static compounds to prevent static electricity build up that can cause dirt particles to be attracted to the record surfaces.


Empire 398 Turntable

24 Jan


Technics SA-1000A Receiver

23 Jan

Technics SA-1000A Receiver

This giant Technics SA-1000 receiver is one of the rarest of the monster receivers.  They were never as popular as Marantz or Pioneer they still bring big bucks on the auction market.  They were produced from 1977 to 1979 at the height of  the receiver wars when every manufacturer was trying to outdo the rest.