Pioneer Spec 1 Preamplifier & Spec 4 Amplifier *For Sale*

31 Mar



Pioneer Spec 1 Preamplifier & Spec 4 Amplifier

This preamplifier and amplifier combination was originally sold to a member of the American Air Force at the Army PX in Germany.  They were found untouched, still mounted on the Pioneer JA-R1 rack.  Each unit was extensively tested and cleaned prior to sale.  Original Instructions, sales receipt and brochures included in sale.

Pioneer Spec 1 Preamplifier - Perfect working condition.  All switches and potentiometers cleaned the Deoxit Faderlube.

Pioneer Spec 4 Amplifier - Perfect working condition.  Crisp clear sound from both channels.  Both volume level controls cleaned with Deoxit Faderlube.

 Sold together for $1200 + ship.



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21 Mar



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12 Feb



Marantz 6100 Turntable

10 Feb


The Marantz model 6100 features an AC synchronous motor belt drive system, a precision tone arm with anti-skating adjustment, hydraulically damped cueing, and low capacity cables suitable for use with CD4.

The rubber mat on the platter is impregnated with anti-static compounds to prevent static electricity build up that can cause dirt particles to be attracted to the record surfaces.